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SKY SkyMop (TM)
SkyMop Starter Kit
Everything you need to quickly and professional clean awnings, tents, and vinyl roofs.
Regular Price would be: $196.00
Special Limited Time Offer: $125.00
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Our Price$125.00
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Do-It-Right Professional Awning Cleaning Brochures - 50
Awning Cleaning Brochures
Awning Cleaning Marketing Brochures more info

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SKY 2 in 1 Vinyl Cleaner And Protectant
2 in 1 Vinyl Cleaner And Protectant

Clean, Protect and Shine!  2 in 1 Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant is biodegradable, easy to rinse and a labor saver.  Inexpensive and safe for the environment; plus you get a long lasting shine and UV protection from IntegrasealTM.  Great for regular maintenance cleanings, and extra strength for deep stains.

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Multi-Clean, concentrated awning cleaning soap
Multi-Clean Vinyl and Fabric Awning Cleaner
Use Multi-Clean to get it clean the first time. Multi-Clean is highly concentrated and is great for both vinyl and fabric awnings.  Can be used straight for deep stains or diluted for maintenance cleaning.
Approved for use, by: Sunbrella and 3M
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1 Gallon SkyClean Vinyl Polish
Vinyl Polish, vinyl restorer and protectant
Vinyl Polish: Your Awning Will Shine Like New! Easy to apply and protect you vinyl awning. more info

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SKY SkyMop (TM)
SkyMop Adjustable "T"
Strong cabon fiber structure. With adjustable elbow allows the easy cleaning of hard to reach areas. more info

Our Price$29.95
Sale Price:$24.95
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FabSeal, by Skyclean
FabSeal, concentrated Fabric Sealer
Fabric Awning Sealer: 1 Gallon make 5 gallons. Advanced UV and mold protection. more info

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18'' x 1/2'' SkySponge
SkySponge 18"
Cleans 18" with every stroke.  Makes short work of big projects. more info

Our Price$17.95
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18'' x 1' SkyScrubber (1 Set)
SkyScrubber 18"
The SkyScrubber is made of a soft abrasive material specifically designed for deep safe scrubbing. more info

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10'' x 1'' SkySponge (1 Set)
SkySponge 10''
Great for tight areas! Light, fast and easy to clean evenly between the awning ribs and tight areas.
The 10" SkySponge is comprised of a dense-cell, heavy duty cellulose material which gently clings to the awning, allowing for a deep and thorough cleaning. The inner plastic tubing is notched to allow for a seamless 10" scrubbing area.
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