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SKY SkyMop (TM)
SkyMop Replacement Knob and Bolt
Our Price$4.50

Replacement Knob and Bolt for SkyMop. more info
SKY SkyMop (TM)
SkyMop Replacement Elbow
Our Price$12.50

Replacement "Elbow"!  This replacement part is the short section of the skymop that fits into the pole.
more info
Terrycloth SkyTowel
Our Price$12.95

Designed to quickly apply sealer to Vinyl Awnings. more info
SKY SkyMop (TM)
SkyMop Replacement "T"

  more info
10'' x 1'' SkySponge (1 Set)
SkySponge 10''

Great for tight areas! Light, fast and easy to clean evenly between the awning ribs and tight areas.
The 10" SkySponge is comprised of a dense-cell, heavy duty cellulose material which gently clings to the awning, allowing for a deep and thorough cleaning. The inner plastic tubing is notched to allow for a seamless 10" scrubbing area.
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18'' x 1/2'' SkySponge
SkySponge 18"
Our Price$17.95

Cleans 18" with every stroke.  Makes short work of big projects. more info
18'' x 1' SkyScrubber (1 Set)
SkyScrubber 18"
Our Price$19.95

The SkyScrubber is made of a soft abrasive material specifically designed for deep safe scrubbing. more info
SKY SkyMop (TM)
SkyMop Adjustable "T"
Our Price$29.95
Sale Price:$24.95

Strong cabon fiber structure. With adjustable elbow allows the easy cleaning of hard to reach areas. more info
SkyTowel   18''  (Pkg of 3)
SkyTowel 18'' (Pkg of 3)
Our Price$29.95

Order 3 sets at a time and save!
The Secret to applying Vinyl Sealers!  The SkyTowel makes it easy to efficiently apply sealers to awnings.  This terry cloth towel will save you money by not dripping expensisve sealers and speed any sealer application job.
Easy even application and a streak-free surface is what you will get from this product. Because of its wide opening, it quickly fits over the SkySponge or SkyScrubber and closes tightly with Velcro, to let work continue uninterrupted. Great for applying all vinyl sealers.
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SKY SkyMop (TM)
SkyMop Starter Kit
Our Price$125.00

Everything you need to quickly and professional clean awnings, tents, and vinyl roofs.
Regular Price would be: $196.00
Special Limited Time Offer: $125.00
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